Recently I found the need to draw electrical circuits to show the relation of neural models to them. For this I found a tool within python that lets you draw most common circuits by defining them line by line. It’s called SchemDraw, and you can find it here.

%matplotlib inline
import SchemDraw as schem
import SchemDraw.elements as e
d = schem.Drawing()
V1 = d.add( e.SOURCE_V, label='10V' )
d.add( e.RES, d='right', label='100K$\Omega$' )
d.add( e.CAP, d='down', botlabel='0.1$\mu$F' )
d.add( e.LINE, to=V1.start )
d.add( e.GND )


As you can see, you add elements to the circuit one by one. The standard elements are contained in the module SchemDraw.elements, and the position of every element is given by a start and end point:

[ 0.  0.] [  1.83697020e-16   3.00000000e+00]